Cloud Computing

Cloud computing simply means providing IT infrastructure such as servers, storages, network components and software from internet. The companies offering these services are called cloud providers. The most important features of cloud services are; flexibility (you can easy arrange resources according to your needs), paying only for services that are used and self service.

Cloud computing, which started with the provision of server, storage and network components, presently provides components in many fields such as databases, security solutions, big data analysis, IoT, etc.

Not only is acquiring all of this components pricy for a company, managing and maintaining these systems also is. Cloud computing reduces total cost and solves issues such as physical security and energy without user concern by using only necessary resources when necessary and allowing the user to pay only for the resources used.

This type of cloud can be used by everyone, where user resources are stored together with everybody else's at the environment where the cloud infrastructure provider is, where users can manage their resources and where service insurance is provided by SLA.

Cloud services assigned specifically to companies and corporations. This type of cloud setting serves specifically to the company or corporation, both physically and software-wise. Private clouds are usually established at the company's own physical location.

Cloud services which are both assigned specifically to a company and provide public cloud services. A simple example of this type of cloud is where the accounting server operates at the current location but e-mail and storage services are provided by the service provider.

Destek A.Ş. offers consulting to ensure the use of services supplied by varied cloud providers according to user needs, and manages the cloud service used on demand.