Installation, Transport/Moving, Addition, Change (IMAC)

IMAC services (it is a sectoral term: created from the first letters of words; Install – Move – Add – Change), is general definition of the services such as installation of the existing information system hardware, moving, hardware or application addition to the existing systems according to companies needs and demands. Can be provided only one time basis or periodically based on pre-arrenged times. Performed jobs at every service level/group are summarized here-below:

It is the installation service under the scope of the contract. Image management is ensured at new system installations. Standard end user products installation consists of following steps:

1 .Physical installation of the hardware

2. Standard software platform installation and test

3. Establishment of the network connection

Moving services of the products under the scope of the contract. Moving service consists of following steps:

1. Disassembly of the hardware with its components

2. Moving of hardware to its new place 

3. Installation of the hardware

4.Control/test of the standard software platform

5.Establishment of the Network connection

1. Hardware addition

2.Together with hardware servers additional internal or external equipment/component installation

3. Software addition

4. Downloading of the “fix” of a new software or new version of the existing one.


1. Hardware change

2. Change of the internal or external components of the hardware

3. Software change

4. Change of the parameters of the installed software configuration

  1. Hardware dismantling or leaving it out of use

  2.  Leaving a component out of use by dismantling it from an installed hardware.