Disaster Recovery Services Consultancy

Consultancy services; The creation of an IT solution that will best overlap customers’ business plans and problems, the emergence of differences between customer existing IT structures/systems/processes and targeted structures/systems/processes, integration needs and/or the specialization services that are given to audit the compliance of customer IT systems/processes to national and international standards.

Consultancy services are "information based" services in which a consultancy report will be produced as a result of the most common expression. They do not involve the production or commissioning of a product and/or solution.

Consultancy Services

Advisory services are discussed on the basis of the following subcomponents:

  • System Consultancy,
  • Network and security consultancy,
  • Application and database consultancy,
  • Process Consultancy,
  • Emergency services consultancy.

Maintenance, support, operating and management services for all service subcomponents except advisory services are excluded.

Consultancy services, technical knowledge, skills and, most importantly, to work in areas requiring experience in a specific subject, aiming to make the transfer of intensive and effective information in a short time, the best way to overlap with business plans and problems, the development of the IT solution, the existing IT structures/systems/processes, the differences between the targeted structures/systems/processes, the introduction of integration needs, and the delivery of recommendations for improvement and/or to the national and international standards of compliance with all companies needing to be inspected.