Project Management

Project management should be conducted within a specific plan, such as establishing a new system in customers or commissioning a new service, with a beginning and an end, original, the inputs and outputs clearly and clearly identifiable, communication, reporting, and the services for the coordination of the studies to be carried out in accordance with the project management approaches and rules.

The most fundamental goal in project management; The time, the cost (budget) and the planning of the coverage, to ensure that the selected targets overlap at the maximum rate of the situation at the end of the project (in other words, with minimal deviation).

The project Management Service includes the management service provided to the project, which is performed directly to obtain these products and services, not the products and services that are the output of the managed project.

Out-of-scope topics

Maintenance, support, operation and management services for all sub-components of the service, except for project management services,

  • Management of operational jobs with recurring and continuity (service management).

Project Management Service, project management principles and methodologies to implement projects and to achieve real project success, a high-budget/multi-party/multi-location/integration projects that require, but within the project management employees with adequate experiences in the subject can be used by all companies who do not have or prefer not to have.