Network Maintenance/Support

Network maintenance/support enables customers to set up specific service levels to ensure that the products in the local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) network infrastructures (switch, router, etc.) which are addressed to the hardware and system (iOS) problems and provide smooth operation that are provided in accordance with the technical support services. It is executed as a call-based and service level based also can be given as including or excluding spare parts.

"Periodic maintenance" service may also be covered depending on the content of the service contract between the service provider and the customer, 

Out-of-scope topics

Support, Management and Consultancy services for all sub-components of the service, except Network Maintenance/Support Service,

  • Investment costs of all network hardware/system components,
  • Data, investment and operating costs of all line connections, such as Internet lines,
  • Problems caused by the related service provider (Türk Telekom, Internet service provider, etc.) that may occur in remote area connections and interruptions arising from these problems,
  • Customer or third parties; Failure, intent or negligence, sudden voltage changes, failure to provide air conditioning conditions, general force majeure and similar causes and damage and faults,
  • Problems caused by additions or modifications to the system without the written approval of the service provider and any negativity caused by these problems.

Network Maintenance/Support Services; large-scale public and private organizations, financial institutions, overseas connections that can be damaged by experiencing problems in the continuity of workflows, which are a key element of information technology in workflows that can be used by corporations, manufacturing firms and all types of SMEs.