Operating and Management Services

Operating and management; The uninterrupted and secure communication of customers, IT systems, servers, communication networks, databases, applications and information security systems, monitoring with systems management tools, performance management, Backup and backup operations without problems, intervention when the problem occurs quickly and precisely with the solution of problem management, capacity management and new technologies, including monitoring and adaptation of certain service hours, certain service and the services provided in accordance with the support levels. They may be provided with "customer care", "remote" or "service provider onsite" models, depending on customer's requirement and terms of service contract.

All Systems management (user processes, access and authorizations, access to system resources and shares, descriptions, security updates, etc.) within the scope of the operating and management services are performed by service provider teams.

Operating and management services are provided under four main groups:

  • System operating and Management services: operation and management of customers e-mail, file, print, domain, web, RAS, terminal, FTP services, server operating systems and backup systems.
  • Operation and Management services of applications: Customers ERP, CRM, Portal, workflow, Call Center applications etc. Operation and management of enterprise applications.
  • Network Operation and Management services: the operation and management of local area (LAN), wide area (WAN), and wireless communications networks of customers.
  • Information security systems operating and management services: the operating and management of information security systems such as firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, IDS/IPs of customers.

Out-of-scope topics

Support, management and consultancy services for all sub-components of the service, except for operating and management services

  • Investment costs of operating systems (software and hardware)
  • Solving problems arising from hardware and software failures encountered in operating systems
    • Problems caused by the related service provider (Türk Telekom, Internet service provider, etc.) that may occur in remote area connections and interruptions arising from these problems
    • Damages and faults incurred by customer or third parties for failure, intent or negligence, sudden voltage changes, failure to provide air conditioning, general force majeure and similar reasons (Valid for customer-on-site operating and management services)
    • Problems caused by additions or modifications to the system without the written approval of the service provider and any negativity caused by these problems

Operating and management services; Focusing on the main business and saving the first investment cost in information technologies, choosing to provide cost benefits with a time-span payment opportunity, guaranteeing its performance with a service level agreement and in human resources. It can be used by all firms aiming to benefit from the expertise by eliminating the risk of losing the element.