Desktop Services

Desktop Services; Support and management services provided in accordance with specific service levels to ensure effective, efficient and hassle-free use in parallel to requirements and developments for the widest meaning of PC, notebook, printer, scanner, peripherals, operating systems and applications installed etc, “User-side" products/systems of the customers (i.e., as part of the service contract, with the registration of customer users on their desks or if they are roaming users, the products/ Systems). It can be given as call-based and service level based.

In accordance with the scope defined in the service contract, customer users are notified about the desktop hardware, operating system, and application components they have specified as standard for question-problems/requests services to ensure resolution and smooth operation. The purpose of the provided support is to avoid any problems arising from users mentioned desktop components, glitch, etc. The reason for the interruption in business processes. "Remote" or "on-site" support options can be given. These services do not cover the support services for troubleshooting hardware failures that will be encountered on desktop systems.

Inventory management; The services covered include collecting, registering, updating and reporting of inventory information for desktop components under the service contract. In accordance with the scope and customer requirements defined in the contract, this service may be given as "Remote" or "On-site" with relevant tools, platforms with different qualifications and competence.

Services related to providing the ability to install, update, version control or delete software from one point to any PC under the service contract. It can be given "Remoteor "On-site" and may host within the following subcomponents, according to the scope of the contract.

Image management: Allows images to be created and used in accordance with the specified standards for all PC models under the contract. This makes it easier to interfere with problems, and it is possible to install a PC that needs to be reinstalled in any way to a quick format. Updates on the image are carried out, recorded and disseminated within the framework of the change management process based on the requirements arising/transmitted from a single disposal/point.

Software distribution: A software or software thread to be installed depending on the resulting requirement/change request by means of a distribution package using specific tools for this purpose, the package generated from a central point to the defined end users and groups located in the same or different locations Network distribution (Setup/installation) and reporting of distribution results.

Warehousing and logistics services: all storage and dispatch processes of desktop components under the service contract are made, registered and reported by the service provider on behalf of the customer.

Setup-Transport-add-eject-disable (IMACD) services: In particular for a particular group of desktop components, any changes (including, removing, disabling, moving, etc.) are required in the software/hardware and/or location and/or use cases/locations on are provided.

Out-of-scope topics

Support, management and consultancy services for all service subcomponents except desktop Services

  • All hardware/operating system/application investment costs
  • All activities related to the sale of desktop system components, financial inventory (asset) records, embezzling processes
  • Supplies (paper, cartridge, tape, toner, notebook battery, etc.) and the costs of consumption
  • Support Requests/Services for application use and/or development of applications
  • Disruption and hesitancy with general force majeure and similar causes
  • Problems caused by additions or modifications to the system without the written approval of the service provider and any negativity caused by these problems
  • For customer-provided applications/software that are used as tools for software distribution and/or inventory management;
    • Problems arising from such software/applications, interruptions,
    • License costs, update, development and maintenance of the software in question.

Desktop Services; Number of employees, IT budget, etc. Internal IT department/Unit for desktop Services with more than 150 internal users, with a specific size in terms of parameters, centrally managed but scattered locations, or located in one location may be used by corporate companies that do not have or prefer not to have them.