Structured Cabling

Low voltage is a collection of resources with low voltage used to operate systems suach as structural cabling, data center and system room design and application, CCTV camera, fire detection and notice, voiceover and emergency announcement, SMATV and IP TV, card access, roadblock control, gaseous extinguishing systems, etc.

Low voltage systems include;

  • CCTV Camera Systems

  • Fire Detection and Notice Systems

  • Voiceover and Emergency Announcement Systems

  • SMATV and IP TV Systems

  • Card Access and Roadblock Control Systems

  • Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

Structural cabling is the cable systems architecture and components that provide communications usually between computers that can carry phone, data and audio systems in the fastest, the most flexible and the most reliable way and other environmental units. These components are standardized to meet the energy requirements of these devices.

Structural cabling components include;

  • Data Cabling and Components

  • Fiber Cabling and Components

  • Phone Cabling and Components

  • Electric Cabling Components and Board Setup

The components of data center and system room design and application systems are fire resistant sections, fire detection and extinguishment systems, fire resistant doors, suspended roofs, raised floors, climatization and precision air conditioner systems, lighting systems, uninterrupted power source and generators, earthquake pinning systems, traffic and environment detection systems, cabin design and setting, grounding systems, camera tracking systems, energy management and storage systems, cold hallway closing application systems, IP/Analog KVM switch solutions, smart power distribution unit solutions, data center infrastructure management software.