Backup Software and Devices

Backup software is used to manage backup and archiving processes, provide folder, file or setting based restore when problems occur. Many applications are available from ones that meet all requirements of big corporations to the ones that solve simple backups of personal users.

Transferring and storing backed up cold data in low cost and secure archives according to archiving policies is very important.

In this regard, physical tape backups need to be done and stored in safe spaces outside of the data center.

In order to reduce cost of archiving settings, deduplication and compression technologies are used and products that perform better with these technologies are preferred.

Virtual and physical tape libraries, which are essentials to data backup and archiving, are preferred according to budget, performance and storage time requirements. The architecture called LTO (Linear Tape Open) which has high compression ratios is preferred due to the high maintenance of information integrity. In this architecture, devices can read from the ones from two generations ago and write to the ones from one generation ago. For instance, an LOT-7 product can read data from an LTO-5 product but can't write to it. Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) are sotfware based libraries which present themselves as physical tape libraries. This way, backups can be kept on physical disks and shorter backup and return times can be achieved. Virtual Tape Libraries have high compression, deduplication and performance values.