Unified Communication Solutions (UC)

Unified communication solutions are all communication, conference and infrastructure solutions that support real time participation to optimize work process integrating technologies such as audio, video, data, instant messages, video conferences, web collaboration software, mobility, etc.

Unified communication consists of a series of technologies and products that make communication between multiple devices and media types easier with the help of user friendly interfaces and configure communication between devices with the help of a unified system integration. In general, unified communication consists of all kinds of communication units that can be connected via TCP / IP networks.

The main goal of unified communications is to convert separate communication methods into a single unified user experience using an integrated software that supports the user's synchronous and asynchronous communication. Unified communication solutions can be easily integrated to work process software.

Unified communication solutions include e-mail, text messages, video, audio, data, index services, presence, mobility, web collaboration software, instant messaging, audio and video conference and IP phone systems.