Software Defined Network (SDN)

It is a modern network technology that uses abstracted, dynamic, cost-effective abstracting based on high-bandwidth and dynamic structures of current applications using software-defined network (SDN) and OpenFlow. The OpenFLow protocol is a key element for SDN solutions. In a software-defined network architecture, network control is directly programmable, centrally managed, faster and more flexible, open-standard-based, and the manufacturer is independently configured. This architecture is designed to make data centers, virtual servers and storage systems more flexible and faster.

The main purpose of software-defined networks is to enable system-network engineers and administrators to respond quickly to varying business requirements through a centralized control mechanism.

In software-defined networks, a network administrator can configure all network devices without having to configure all network devices on a central interface, use any of the features they want, and edit network traffic. Software-defined network (SDN) technology also enables automatic and optional application deployment and scalability to be configured in cloud architecture, increases the flexibility of data center virtualization, minimizes infrastructure costs, and centralizes and automates configuration, making network and application services easier to manage