Outsourcing in Business Processes

Outsourcing services in business processes; Executed/managed by the companies needing such such services as printing (payroll, legal books, invoices, account statements), data collection and introduction (Surveys, field information collection, meter reading and repression), Accounting and collection (automatic and instrumented payment), such as payroll transactions, customers' basic business processes supporting, integrated IT-assisted sub/side processes, the necessary physical space/space, human resources, software, hardware, infrastructure, and the support mechanisms for seamless/seamless operation of these IT systems/infrastructures. These services may be provided as "customer onsite" or "onsite service provider".

Out-of-scope topics

Support, management and consultancy services for all sub-components of the service except outsourcing services in business processes

  • Outsourcing services related to processes that do not use information technology (cleaning, food, etc.)
  • Consultancy services for customer business processes
  • Handling customer data, managing customer data exchange
  • Problems caused by the related service provider (Türk Telekom, Internet service provider, etc.) that may occur in remote area connections and interruptions arising from these problems
  • (For customer onsite services) Interruption, damage and disruption of customer or third parties with errors, intent or negligence, sudden voltage changes, failure to provide air conditioning, general force majeure and similar causes
  • Responsibilities of 3rd party companies which are out of contract.

Outsourcing services in business processes are used by all companies who invest in information technologies to increase the effectiveness of their main business processes, and are looking for opportunities for integration of business processes with effective and efficient outsourcing services.