Software / Maintenance Support

Software maintenance/support; To ensure the current, effective and uninterrupted availability of software products that support the business processes of customers, the organization, error and problem-solving, localization (legal regulation and compliance with procedural changes), adjustment for performance, emergency update package processing, version/version change, training renewal and reinforcement services. Based on call and/or service level with "Remote" or "Onsite" support options can be given.

BackOffice, Database, ERP, CRM, Workflow, Portal, System Management, BPM & Middleware, call center, E-Learning applications/software are the products provided in this context.

Out-of-scope topics

Support, management and consultancy services for all sub-components of the service, except software Maintenance/Support service,

  • All software/application investment/license costs,
  • Support for the services that come with operating systems and operating systems, sub-applications,
  • Support Requests/services for additional enhancements, add-ons, comprehensive updates to applications and/or software/applications in support,
  • Damage and problems caused by customer or third parties for errors, intent or negligence, general force majeure and similar reasons,
  • Problems caused by additions or modifications to the system without the written approval of the service provider and any negativity caused by these problems.

Software maintenance/support services; To increase the effectiveness of the main business processes, investing in information technologies, the establishment, adaptation, development and commissioning of software products, after the processes that actively use these products/systems in their business life can be used by companies.